Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Food for thought.

What do you believe, and why do you believe it?
Are you a Christian? Are you an atheist? Are you a Buddhist? Are you unsure? Are you apathetic? Who told you what to believe? Did you choose your beliefs, or did your beliefs choose you because of your circumstances? Are you conforming, or rebelling? Are you thinking for yourself? Did your parents choose your opinions? Did your teachers? Did your friends?

What makes you think you're right?

What makes you wonder if you're wrong?

Are you well-informed? Are you dogmatic? Are you open to change? Are you open to enlightenment?
Are you open to the truth?
Would you know it if you saw it? What if it contradicted your beliefs? Would you tear them down, or grasp at them stubbornly? Are you capable of reinventing yourself?

Are you hungry for knowledge? Are you hungry for answers? Are you too full of yourself to hunger at all?

Have you bothered to study other beliefs? Have you taken the time to study your own? Have you ever questioned your own opinions? Have you seen the other side? Have you listened to the opposition? Have you judged too quickly? Have you spoken harshly out of ignorance?

Can you admit that you might be wrong?

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